When businesses are just starting out, they usually look for multiple ways to save money. Being a frugal business owner is fantastic, but one way you shouldn’t try to save money is through creating a free website. There are so many issues with these kinds of websites in comparison to a site you’ve hired a professional and paid for. Here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t create a free website:


An Unoriginal Design

If you create a free website, chances are you’re going to be using a design that a ton of other similar websites are using. You want your business to stand out, not blend in.


An Unprofessional Looking Web Address

The web address of your business matters more than you think. Free web addresses don’t look professional at all, and this will put potential customers off.


These Sites Are Not Always Free

Some ‘free sites’ can actually present you with monthly charges. It’s pretty rare that they are completely free.


Occasional Ad Placements

You don’t want other businesses placing their adverts on your website, but this can happen when you create a free website.


Slow Load Times

As there are likely going to be lots of sites sharing the same server, this can lead to slow load times. Slow load times are one of the biggest gripes amongst web users, and if your website is slow to load, they will likely visit one of your competitors.


Your Data Might Be Put On Lock Down

It is not easy to migrate data from a free site, and those who need to do it usually end up paying freelancers to do it for them.


They Can Shut Down Your Website

Free website providers can shut your site down at any time without reason. They can decide to pack up their business and go, and then what would you do? This is all laid out in their terms and conditions. You need a website that nobody can touch for any reason, or it will lead to expensive business downtime.


They Can Sell On Your Information

If you’re not paying for it, chances are, you are the product. They have to make money somehow, so there’s a high chance the provider could be selling on your information.


No Site Building Tools

When you build a free website, there are limited tools available to continue building your site. The tools that are available can make your site look more unprofessional than in the first place!


Potential Malware Distribution

Malware can bring down your business both temporarily and permanently, but either way, you’re going to lose a lot of money. The malware distribution may be down to poor security, or even monetary benefits. You can’t always trust free site providers, and malware really isn’t a risk that you want to take when it comes to your livelihood.


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