Designing a great website isn’t as hard as most people think. The goal is to always look at the most crucial elements of your website and to enhance them for more exposure. In this article, we’re going to share 11 of the most important elements that every homepage needs to have.


1. Social media widgets and links

If you want to increase engagement, you need to add social media widgets. Place easy-to-see social media links on your website (icons are fine as well) and place sharing widgets on your content to increase engagement.


2. Simple and intuitive navigation

Navigating your website should be simple, not a maze. Make sure you simplify your links so that they’re easier to follow, not a labyrinth that confuses you.


3. Contact information

You obviously want people to contact you, so keep that information on every page. Place it at the bottom or top so that it’s within easy reach and simple to find.


4. A value proposition

Let visitors know what exactly it is that you’re offering with a clear and easy-to-see value proposition. It seems obvious, but you’ll be surprised at how unclear some websites are.


5. Blog snippets

Blogging should be the foundation of your content strategy. Together with social media widgets, highlight blog posts on your web page and increase your exposure and engagement.


6. Customer and client testimonials

People trust testimonials, which is why you should always be relying on them as part of your homepage design. Let your customers know what your existing audience thinks of your business in order to build more trust.


7. Original photographs and images

Stock images are great for placeholders, but any respectable website will have their own images of products and their office. If your customers see a stock image, you’ll instantly lose all the credibility you have.


8. Video content

Images are great, but videos can tell a much more interesting story. Make sure you add video content if available. It could be a short introduction or a product demonstration, anything to get the viewer interested. But whatever you do, do not autoplay it–this will just frustrate the viewer!


9. Services and features overview

It’s important to list your services and features so that people understand what it is you’re offering them. Your value proposition should interest your viewers, and then your overview should inform them.


10. Awards and associations

If you have awards or certifications that make you a more credible business, then make sure you list them and show them on your website to help build your brand image.


11. A call to action

If your customers are interested in your products then you need to have a call to action for them. This is usually a button that leads to your store page or further information about your services.

Without these crucial elements, your website won’t be as attractive or effective as it could be, so make sure you focus on these 11 points to improve it.