The rise of DIY web design services has been astonishing in recent years. But while some see this as a democratisation of the web, things aren’t quite that clear cut. Here are a few reasons why you should still consider using a web design agency over the DIY approach.



There can be no denying that website building services have improved dramatically – some even look fantastic. But the reality is that many of them have issues that you just won’t realise unless you are a genuine developer or designer. Ultimately, this is going to impact the experience of your customers in a negative way  and that looks unprofessional. To ensure the front and back ends of your website are working perfectly, it makes sense to use a professional web design agency.



Once you create your DIY website, there is a good chance you will be proud of yourself. But then you will start looking online and seeing dozens, hundreds – possibly thousands – of websites that look exactly the same. This is a significant issue with website builder sites. To avoid cookie cutter design and get the unique, fantastic website that your company deserves, you have to go with a design agency.


Proven higher conversion rate

With DIY builders, all you get is a website – that’s it. When you use a web design agency, however, you get years of experience in development, design, and the workings of the web – including conversion. Ultimately, if your website doesn’t convert, there is no point in its existence – so choose an experienced design agency who can use consumer psychology to build your site exactly how it needs to be to convert.