A crucial part of creating a fantastic website for your business is choosing the right server because, without that, your website will not run properly. Here’s the problem: a large number of UK-based companies don’t realise their need for a UK-based server for their web hosting. Wondering what makes this so vital and why every UK business should have a UK-based web server? Below is a guide to the many advantages of choosing this type of server.


Connection speed

One benefit of choosing a UK-based server for your website is that you are likely to have faster connection speeds. Everyone is busy; users aren’t willing to wait for a webpage to load – if your website doesn’t load quickly, users will simply leave. In addition, your search engine ranking may also suffer. This is one of the factors used by engines like Google to rank pages.


Accessibility to support

The fact is you need to have access to adequate server support because if you don’t, you will struggle to maintain your website. If you choose a server from outside the UK, you need to consider time zones and how long it will take you to contact your hosting company should your website’s server go down or encounter problems. Ask yourself, can you afford the cost of international calls to do so? There’s also the language barrier to consider. If you want the best access to support, opt for a UK-based server that has UK-based support – it’s worth bearing in mind that some UK companies outsource their support service and use call centres from abroad.



When it comes to your business’s website, SEO must always be at the forefront of your mind. Did you know that UK websites with UK-based servers tend to rank higher in search engines than websites with servers from abroad? This is linked to connection speed, as mentioned above. To be classed as a fast loading website that Google will rank highly, your site needs to load in under two seconds. If your website has a UK-based server, it will load much faster and as a result, will rank higher in search engines.



Lastly, security is a key aspect that you should take into account when choosing the right server for your website. There can be some legal issues regarding storing data from UK websites on non-UK web servers. The rules aren’t exactly black and white, but they can cause issues at times, so should be carefully considered. If you opt for a UK-based server, you only need to worry about UK laws regarding your website and servers.

It’s vital that you understand just how beneficial having a UK-based server can be for your website. Hopefully, the guide above has outlined the many benefits of choosing a UK-based server.