I’ve seen far too many businesses on the internet that just don’t understand why it looks unprofessional to have an @btinternet.co.uk or @gmail.com email. You’d be surprised at just how many people are slightly put off by seeing these domains on what should be a professional business email address. It can actually be enough for those potential customers to look elsewhere.

Something as simple as your email address domain can be enough to deter customers. Why would you take the risk of leaving it as is? Ask yourself this question; would you trust a business that uses a @hotmail.co.uk domain? If so, would you prefer to put your faith in a business that had a personalised and professional email address?

To give you an idea of just how important it is to have a business email address, I’ve put together a list of several reasons below. After making it through this list, you’ll never want to use a common domain name for your business email ever again.


It’s more memorable

With over a billion active monthly users on Gmail. The @gmail.com domain is heavily congested and you’ll be forced to use strange and awkward domains.  “plumber17349@gmail.com” for example, because all of the normal names are likely taken. Instead, having a simple email address such as “support@yourdomain.com” is much easier to remember, looks professional and is far easier to type.


Several addresses on a single domain

Another advantage is being able to use several different email address on the same domain. This makes it easy for your customers and clients to get in touch with the right department straight away. For instance, you could have “support@yourdomain.com” and “sales@yourdomain.com” to separate support questions and sales enquiries. This is great if your company is growing and you need several different departments to have their own email addresses. This also means that each member of staff in your company can have their own email address to use for marketing or networking purposes.


First impressions are everything

In business, first impressions count. If an investor or client sees that you’ve not set up your own email domain yet, It could deter them. It can speak volume about how much you’ve personally invested into your company in order to create a good image for yourself. Make sure you set a good first impression by getting your own business email address.


Promoting your brand

When you use a domain like @gmail.com you’re promoting Google instead of your own brand. By having several email addresses with the @yourdomain.com domain, you’ll be able to spread your brand a lot more easily and more people will take notice of your company name.

Hopefully, you can now see just why it’s so much better to have your own email address instead of using a third-party one. It’s inexpensive and simple to set up your own email addresses, so make sure you consider it as an early investment to make.


Getting a business email address isn’t as costly as you think. If you own the domain, it’s just a monthly fee from £5. If you don’t own a domain, then it’s a monthly fee from £10. Want more information – 01202 925 920