Everyone with a website should spend a lot of time improving their SEO. When you do this, it usually leads to very positive results. Good SEO equates to high organic rankings for your website. What does this mean? It means you’ll be seen by more and more people because your site is one of the first results visible to them. In turn, this leads to an increased chance of them clicking your link, which causes an influx of web traffic that you can convert into to leads, etc.

The question is; how do you improve SEO? Well, here are a few very effective ideas:


Make your website faster

Slow-loading websites are going to end up with lousy SEO rankings. This is because search engines take speed into account when they rank websites. A slow website often leads to a high bounce rate, which is also a ranking destroyer. So, a very simple way of improving your SEO is to make your website load faster!


Optimise your site for mobile devices

Did you know that mobile searches now account for more than 60% of all Google searches? People are using their phones to surf the web and search for things more than ever before. As a result, you can vastly improve your SEO by building a site that’s optimised for mobile. It’s a fact that Google penalises sites that aren’t ‘mobile-friendly,’ so you can get a nice boost if yours is.


Use outbound links

Most of you will probably have heard of link building, which concerns itself with creating inbound links. However, did you know that using outbound links is equally effective for good SEO? If you have links in your content that point to other authority sites, then search engines will love it. It helps them understand more about your site and what your content is about, and it makes your site seem more trustworthy. As a result, you’ll slide your way up the rankings.


Create relevant content

Did you know that your SEO ranking is affected by how long people spend on your site? If people are on your site for more than a few minutes, it sends signals to Google that you must be a trustworthy site that’s providing value to web users. A big part of ensuring this happens is by creating great, relevant, content. Write web content that educates, entertains, or informs the user. Make it relevant to each page, and ensure it’s formatted correctly so people can read it with ease. All of this will come together to improve your SEO.


Use header tags

Header tags are basically headings you can use to split up your text – much like I’ve done in this article! Not only does this make it far easier for people to read your content (increasing their time spend on your site) but it also enables you to use keywords in these tags. Google will take more notice of a keyword when it’s part of a header tag, meaning you can see an SEO ranking boost!

Try these useful ideas if you want to dramatically improve your SEO today! Or, if you’re still finding it hard to achieve the ranking of your dreams, then click here to learn about my affordable SEO service.