Everyone seems to love WordPress but if you have never used it before, you might be feeling a little baffled about why this is. On the face of it, WordPress is much like any other CMS platform but delve a little deeper and you will see exactly why over 75 million websites choose WordPress over any other system.


Low Cost

Possibly the first reason people are drawn to WordPress is the low cost. There are several packages available to suit your needs and you can customise your site so you only pay for your exact requirements. The maintenance costs are also lower than competitors.


Most Developers Know How to Use It

As lots of developers work with WordPress a lot, you will also find that you will be able to outsource work on your site for a very competitive fee. This is great because it means that you will have more choice when selecting people to work with too.


You Can Learn to Use it Easily

WordPress isn’t just for developers, though. The site is made to be easy to navigate and there are plenty of tutorials and walkthroughs to help you achieve your goals too.


It’s Easy to Customise

Beginners might like to choose from one of the many themes available and just start writing but the best thing about WordPress is how easy it is to customise.


There are Over 50,000 Plugins… So Far

Whatever you need your site to do, WordPress has a plugin for that.