If there’s something you can’t argue with, it’s the power of content marketing. A powerful piece of a content marketing strategy is a blog. If your business isn’t blogging, you’re missing out on some of the most valuable benefits. Chances are, your competitors have a blog. Although it can be hard to get into the habit of blogging, the following benefits should convince you that it’s finally time to set one up:


The SEO Benefits

Search engine optimisation is key in any online business strategy. If you’ve been in business for a while, then you should know a decent amount about SEO. Blogging can help your SEO strategy tenfold. Not only does it help to increase traffic to your website, it can generate backlinks when you write quality content that people want to share. Sharing your own blogs on social media can also generate backlinks. Of course, quality backlinks are the goal, so don’t attempt to go out and get them from low quality sites yourself.

In your blogs, you can include keywords naturally and make sure that you’re giving your SEO a boost that way, too. The more consistent you are, the better.


New Content To Your Website

Adding new content to your website will keep you fresh and relevant. Better yet, it’ll mean your customers and prospects want to come back for more regularly! Fresh content is critical for your SEO, as Google crawls your page again. You will end up creating a loyal readership base all while giving Google more of a reason to give you a good organic ranking.


Become An Authority And Help Your Audience

A great benefit of blogging is that you can end up becoming known as an authority in your industry. Don’t be afraid to show off your expertise. People will come to you when they have a question or need a service, as they’ll know you know what you’re talking about.


Interaction With Your Customers

Blogging means more interaction with your customers. Not only will they share your posts if they like them, they’ll likely comment on them. They might comment asking a question, or simply congratulating you on writing a great post. It gives you a chance to interact with your customers, industry peers and prospects in a friendly way that will help you to build a great relationship. Relationships are so important for business success!


Raise Awareness

Finally, you can use your blogs to raise awareness of a product or service that people aren’t aware of. You can use it to answer frequently asked questions. You can simply get your business name out there and become more well known. As people read your blogs you’ll stay in the forefront of their minds, and they’ll be more likely to work with you, even if it’s later on down the line. Blogging will keep you relevant as a business!

Blogging is something businesses of all sizes should take seriously. It can literally transform a business! Read more about my Content Marketing services and how I can run your blog for you.


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