Social media is easily one of the best tools around for businesses. If you learn how to effectively promote your company on social media, then you’ll start generating more leads, directing traffic to your website, and seeing general success.

How can you do it? Well, here are five ideas that are easy to apply:


Choose The Right Platforms For Your Business

It may surprise you to know how many different social media platforms there are out there. As a result, you can get your social media marketing campaign off to a bad start by choosing the wrong platforms for your business. The main thing to consider is your target audience. What social media platforms are they using? If your target audience is full of teens, then you’re looking at the likes of Instagram and Snapchat as your main platforms. For the older generation, it’s Facebook. The bottom line; choose the right platform, or you’ll be promoting to the wrong people.


Work With Influencers

Social media influencers are people with lots of followers on different social platforms. You can work with them to promote your business to a much wider audience. Connect with influencers who align themselves with similar brand values as you, and it’s a match made in heaven. Provide them with some free products, they promote your business to thousands of people, and the effect is instant.


Don’t Be Too Promotional

There’s an unwritten rule of social media for businesses, and it’s to avoid being overly pushy and promotional. Of course, it’s normal to post content that promotes a product, and consumers understand this. However, if all your posts are promotional, no one will follow you or share your content. You’re like a permanent advert, and no one likes having things shoved in their face all the time.


Provide Content That’s Valuable

Following on from the point above, you should provide valuable content on social media. Share links to blog posts that you find interesting, post infographics that display information. The general aim is to give people something that they find useful and valuable. This encourages more people to share your content, which spreads the word about you on social media.


Make People Engage With You

Similarly, try and make people engage with your content. Ask questions to your followers on social media, this gives them a chance to speak to you. It opens up a dialogue, which is a very important part of marketing a business. Again, this also gets people sharing your social media content more and more. If you as a question on Twitter, someone can quote your tweet or retweet it to all their followers, increasing your reach.

Using social media to promote your business isn’t as hard as you think. In summary; use platforms that your target audience is likely to be on. Work with influencers to promote your brand to massive groups of people. Finally, don’t be over-promotional with your content, it needs to be valuable and encourage engagement. When you nail all of this, you’ll quickly grow a social media presence that helps promote your company effectively.


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