Whether your business has an e-commerce site or a website that promotes your local services, you have to keep it well maintained. A professional web development team can closely monitor your site to ensure that it’s easy to use, performs well and underlying issues are resolved quickly.

Here are four important website checks that shouldn’t be overlooked.


If your website is not performing as it should then it could be doing more harm than good! Slow responses, broken pages and other similar issues can encourage people to click off your website and go elsewhere so don’t overlook the importance of a smooth-running website. A well-run site will reflect your brand or business!

Plugin updates

Plugins are a great way of personalising your website and adding useful features, however, the more things you add to your website the more you need to keep an eye on. Plugins need to be updated regularly so they continue to operate efficiently and don’t affect other parts of the website. Plus, some plugins are important for SEO, emails and keeping your online store running smoothly.


Website security is something that requires ongoing maintenance. The last thing you want is for your entire website to become vulnerable to cyberattacks or for important data to get in the wrong hands! Ensuring that your website has strong security measures in place will give you one less thing to worry about so you’re less at risk of third-party breaches.


Is your site backed up? If not, you could be faced with a big recovery job if anything were to happen to your current site. Keeping your website backed up will store all information, data, themes, uploads and more, therefore, providing a guarantee that everything can be restored if something goes wrong. If you’re not sure how to do this then it can be taken care of by a website maintenance team.

Website problems can cause big issues for your business so maintaining your site is essential. At Broadbridge Design, we offer a range of website design packages as well as website maintenance services to keep your website performing well all year round. Get in touch with us today for more information.