Facebook is right up there as one of the best marketing tools for modern businesses. It’s so easy to draw in and connect with your target audience on this platform while providing plenty of information about your business at the same time.


What’s more, it’s so easy to create and set up a Facebook business page. The only problem is that so many businesses don’t know how to use this social media platform correctly. So, they don’t end up getting the benefits that Facebook marketing can bring.


More often or not, there are a plethora of mistakes people make. These errors are so common, and they need to stop. So, here are some of the biggest Facebook mistakes and how to avoid them:


Not posting consistently

Failing to post consistently is definitely the most prevalent Facebook marketing mistake. If you only post once or twice per week, then you’re never going to receive the engagement you’re looking for. Likewise, if you post loads one day, and then hardly any for the rest of the week, it makes your page look very erratic. Instead, focus on a nice consistency of one or two posts per day – possibly increasing if something big is happening such as a business event that you’re attending.


Ignoring questions

The beauty of Facebook is that it opens up another communication channel between your business and the consumer. This means people can ask questions whenever they like, and customers can have their queries dealt with. The problem is, many Facebook business pages are full of negative feedback from customers that are just ignored by the page owner. Customers are asking questions about services, but are receiving no answer. Other people have questions as well, but you don’t reply. This reflects poorly on your business and must be addressed. So, always respond to questions, even if they’re negative.


Avoiding Facebook ads

Facebook has an advertising system where you can pay to essentially give your posts more traction and have them seen by a wider audience. Usually, the only people to see your posts will follow your page. But, if you use Facebook advertising, you have the option to ‘boost’ your posts. You can choose to have them seen by people that like your page and their friends, or people you choose yourself through targeting. It’s cost-effective, and a fantastic way of increasing engagement and boosting your follower count too.


Having no real identity

Finally, a lot of businesses make the mistake of not having a real identity on Facebook. What I mean is, your posts might drift between two different tones. Some could be very formal and professional, then others are lighthearted and casual. It gives off mixed signals to Facebook users, and they struggle to identify with your brand. So, make sure you have a content strategy in place where you choose a specific tone of voice that will accompany every post and comment you make.


There’s every chance you’re making these mistakes on Facebook, and it’s the reason your marketing campaign is struggling to take off.


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