Marketing mistakes can be a grave threat to your website or business. One single slip-up and you could see drastically reduced traffic even if your website is well-maintained, has a fantastic design and plenty of great content. More clicks and more attention equals more revenue for your business, so this is one area of marketing you do not want to mess up. One common place to make a mistake is with Google AdWords, the most comprehensive and simple-to-use pay-per-click advertising platform. If you haven’t already been using Google AdWords, then you’re doing yourself a disservice!

To help you make better use of your Google AdWords campaigns, We’re going to explain a couple of the most common mistakes.


#1 – Not using ad extensions

Extensions can include things like the number of reviews you have, the address of your business or even a phone. Extensions can make it easier for customers to see your relevant information and give them more reasons to click on your ads. Ad extensions can be incredibly effective for converting leads and using the correct ones will increase your click rate.


#2 – Poorly-worded ads

Writing a compelling ad is more difficult than you think, which is why I would recommend doing more research. Think of it as writing the headline for an important news piece. You want it to sell the content or product and you want to draw the attention of readers so that they’re interested enough to click on your ad. If you’re having trouble with your ad headline, then you could use tools to create rich snippets from content that is already on your website.


#3 – Incorrect keyword matches

It’s important to understand the three categories of keywords:

• Broad match
• Phrase match
• Exact match

The mistake here is using the incorrect keyword match type. Google AdWords allows you to pick which match type you want to use, and most people don’t understand the differences or use the incorrect one for their content.

Broad match will display ads based on your given keywords regardless of their order. This means if you run an ad for the term best dell laptop 2018, your ads will show for a broad match for best dell laptop 2018, best laptop 2018 dell, dell laptop best 2018 and so on. This is a versatile option that increases exposure but doesn’t have the highest conversion rate.

Phrase match is used to target search terms for exact phrases and must be enclosed with double quotation marks. For example, if your phrase match keyword is iphone repairs then it will only show when people search the exact phrase iphone repairs. Your ads will show with other related keywords, such as cheap iphone repairs or iphone repairs near me.

Exact match is similar to phrase match, but with the exception that they will only show when the exact phrase is searched with nothing extra. Exact match must be enclosed in square brackets [like this]. For example, ads using the exact match holiday destinations will not show if someone types best holiday destinations or holiday destinations in Europe. Exact match helps convert better, but the number of searches is usually much lower.



Hopefully, these tips have given you a good idea of how to improve your Google AdWord campaigns for the future. Fixing these mistakes will guarantee better traffic, improved leads and more revenue. Need some help? I can run your AdWords campaigns for a small monthly fee.