The last few years have seen a rise in content marketing. This idea of using content to market your business isn’t new, but it’s becoming more and more important as every year passes by. There are plenty of stats out there that back this up and point to content marketing as the primary marketing activity that businesses focus on in modern times.


There used to be a time where company executives would query whether or not they really needed a content marketing strategy. Nowadays, it’s no longer in doubt. You either utilise content marketing, or your struggle to run an effective marketing campaign.


I guess the main thing people want to know is; why has this form of marketing become so crucial for your business? What’s so great about it compared to everything else out there. When you look at it, you realise it all boils down to one main reason.

Now, there’s no debate that inbound marketing has overtaken outbound as the more strategic and cost-effective approach. As such, this is where content marketing becomes so incredibly crucial. You see, it helps fuel all the different techniques that you’ll use as part of your inbound strategy.


Think about it, social media, SEM, and email marketing are all driven by content. They all require you to produce content, and it brings everything together. Not only that, but it helps you build your brand and have some consistency to your marketing strategy.


Let’s say you publish a post on social media. The tone of voice you use in that content will be the same as the tone you use on your website, and in any blog posts you might create. People start to recognise that you keep using the same tone and present your business in a certain way. As a result, they identify with your brand and become more aware of it.


Content marketing is also the best way of selling your business without forcing it down people’s throats. This is where outbound marketing failed, and content marketing succeeds. By providing consumers with valuable content, you let them make up their own mind as to whether or not they want to pay for your service or buy a product. You’re still advertising your business but in a much more subtle way. As a result, people feel less pressurised and are actually more likely to become paying customers.


The online world is dominated by content in its many forms. You have short-form content on social media, multimedia content on YouTube, long-form content in blog posts, and so on. Every single one of these things can be used to market your business in new and innovative ways. We all know social media is so powerful, and everyone is aware of how effective blogs are at driving web traffic to your site. But, at the heart of it all is content marketing!


With my final words (in this blog post, not in life!) I want to reiterate that all businesses need a content marketing strategy. It’s the backbone of every digital marketing campaign, and isn’t something you can simply skip!