More and more businesses are starting to create e-commerce sites to sell their products or services, and it’s a great way to get sales without having a physical shopfront.

Creating an e-commerce business requires a lot of hard work and the ability to overcome the challenges it will throw at you. Here are some tips for getting started in the world of e-commerce and creating a successful business.

Pick a platform

Finding the right website design for you to set up your business will have a big impact on the profitability and stability. Of course, if you have the skills to build one from scratch, go ahead,  but it’s often not an option for new businesses. You can find great web design agencies that will produce a bespoke website for your business and cater to all your needs. Or you can use e-commerce platforms that have lots of different options for your website.

Your website is the face of your business, acting as the shopfront, so you need it to look great and spark the customer’s curiosity. Once it’s ready, do a test order yourself to check the process is smooth for the customer.

Generate traffic

Once your website is up and running and you can begin selling, you’ll want to understand who is visiting your website and where they are coming from. Use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, for example, to get data about who is visiting your webpage. Not only will you be able to determine how much of the traffic is organic and how much is paid, but you can then use this information to target new traffic.

Focusing on free marketing channels at first is a good idea until you’re generating sales. Creating more organic traffic involves increasing your presence on your social media channels and using blogs and search engine optimisation.

To increase the number of paid traffic, you can focus on one advertising platform such as Facebook Ads and utilise their database of users to target your specific audience.

Provide great customer service

What will keep your customers loyal is excellent customer service. They want to know that they can trust you, after all, they are handing their money over to a stranger. Put time into responding to any queries or concerns quickly and offer live chat support. You can also create a FAQs page so customers are able to find the answer easily themselves.

It’s also imperative that your product or service is of great quality, it’s far easier to retain existing customers than to find new ones. So make sure your product is something you would be happy to receive yourself.

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