First of all, WordPress is a hugely versatile tool for businesses of all sizes. When designing a website, WordPress enables you to customise every element and maintain total control over your site. One of the most advantageous aspects of using WordPress is gaining access to a plethora of plugins. They are capable of driving your business forward, attracting attention from the right people, and creating a beautiful, bespoke website. If you have a services website, and you’re keen to make the most of WordPress, here are 5 top plugins to take a look at.


Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics is an incredibly popular tool, which enables business owners to access all kinds of data related to web traffic. If you run a business, it’s incredibly beneficial to be able to see everything about your customers. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights gives you access to all the data you need via WordPress. This plugin has been downloaded more than 15 million times.


WP Review

Think of yourself as a consumer for a second. Do you ever read reviews before you order a product online or book a hotel or a restaurant? Research suggests that over 90% of online shoppers take a look at reviews and testimonials before making decisions. WP Review is a plugin, which enables customers to leave and read reviews before buying. Thankfully, this plugin is free, and reviews are visible via Google searches.


WP Forms

WP Forms is a plugin, which is ideal for beginners getting to grips with WordPress development. This plugin offers an incredibly simple means of generating forms that can be positioned anywhere on your site. You can produce all kinds of different forms and you can customise the forms to suit your individual business and the services you provide.


Yoast SEO

If you’re keen to attract new clients and increase traffic to your site, it pays to invest in SEO. Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that makes producing SEO-friendly content straightforward. With this plugin you’ll be provided with real-time feedback to help you improve the quality and maximise the impact of the content you share on your site.



Jetpack is a versatile plugin, which enables you to take advantage of a range of different functions. With Jetpack, you have access to design, marketing, and security services, enabling you to create and manage a safe, secure site that looks incredible and attracts customers.


As a result, if you run a business and you have a WordPress site, it’s hugely beneficial to explore plugins and to utilise them. Plugins enable you to organise and manage your site, market your business, analyse your performance and reach out to new clients and customers.