Your branding is essentially the first thing people see when they come into contact with your business. As a consequence, it’s essential that you get the design right. A good logo should be unique and have the ability to convey information about your brand values to the public. It’s very easy to take a look at a handful of logos and pick the best ones out of the bunch. In essence, all good logos tend to follow the same design brief, and they all include these attributes…



This attribute can be taken in two different ways. For one; your logo should be appropriate for your company. Not only that, but it should be culturally appropriate too. You shouldn’t design a logo that will offend people because it looks like an offensive object or contains rude words. Similarly, think about your company and what you do. Then, consider if your logo is appropriate for your target audience and what you sell. If your company targets a young audience, is it appropriate to have a really professional-themed logo that looks incredibly corporate and ‘adult’? No, it needs to be fun and friendly!



All of the best logos are simple, that’s a fact. Apple is one of the world’s most recognised brands, and their logo is literally just an apple. When a design is simple, it becomes easily recognisable to the point where people will start thinking about your logo if they see something similar. It really shouldn’t be overly complicated, and there should definitely be hardly any text present. Remember, this is a logo, not a painting – less is more.



A good logo will never suffer as time goes by. You should be able to design a logo that will stay with your company forever. Otherwise, you end up having to go through expensive rebranding phases where you update your branding. Ideally, your design should be ageless and never go out of style.



If you design your branding well, then it should be informative to the public. It should communicate some of your brand values to whoever looks at it. This is done in various ways, the easiest of which is via a slogan. A short slogan conveys so much about a company and helps speak to your target audience.



We touched upon it earlier, but all good logos are unique. There’s no use trying to copy another business’s logo, it just won’t work. Too many companies make the mistake of seeing a popular logo and trying to design there’s so it looks similar. In reality, this is pointless as people may see your logo but recognise it’s similar to the popular logo and then they’re identifying with that company. Realistically, you need a unique design that can easily stand on its own.

All these attributes come together to create great branding. At the heart of every good logo is a good designer. It pays to get yours done by a professional as you’ll be working with someone that has bags of experience and a history of good results. Professionals know the industry standards for logos and will help yours tick off all these attributes.


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